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Meet Your Podcasting Pro!

Taylor Scott - Headshot original - 05-30

Taylor Scott


Not only is Taylor your designated podcasting professional, he’s also the founder of iPodcastPro.

Taylor started off his career focusing on the TV business, but quickly decided the freedom and spontaneity of radio was more his style. Since making the transition from in front of the camera to behind the mic, Taylor has worked and is currently working for multiple radio stations in the Midwest. You can also catch him, nationally syndicated, on “The Adam Ritz Show” and producing the nationally syndicated “Yacht Rock Radio”. He also co-hosts the podcast “Coworkers”. For his day job, Taylor is the lead production director and voice talent for the tech/marketing company Vibenomics. While working for Vibenomics, Taylor has become the branding voice for hundreds of businesses throughout the country.

When it comes to iPodcastPro, Taylor said the main reason he started the company is “because everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has been given the opportunity to tell it. That’s where iPodcastPro comes in. We give everyone the ability to tell their story - to their family and friends - to their kids and future grand-kids - to their future selves - to literally anyone and everyone. After time, memories start to fade...but with iPodcastPro...they’ll last forever.”

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